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Content Creator

London, UK

Job Type

Part time

About the Role

We are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Content Creator to join our Medtechly team. The ideal candidate will be motivated and passionate about AI and MedTech.

Your role will involve creating written content for Medtechly. You will be required to write a minimum of 2 posts per month (1 MedTech topic of interest and 1 on a recent development or news in the MedTech world). There is a degree of flexibility on the topics, however we can suggest some areas of interest. You will be named as published author on our platform and shared across social media.

As our platform grows, there is scope for other types of content creation.

This is a great portfolio building role and it gives you a chance to network when the article is shared.




  • write, review, edit, share and update content for blogs, news posts, newsletters, etc.

  • write a minimum of 2 posts per month (1 MedTech topic of interest and 1 on a recent development or news in the MedTech world).

  • collaborate with other content creators in content creation.

  • analyse the performance of content


  • studying or completed a bachelors degree or higher in medicine, biomedical sciences, life sciences, business or computer science, or relevant experience in the industry.

  • previous experience in a similar role focusing on content creation (desirable).


  • excellent written and spoken communication skills.

  • passion for interacting with communities.

  • great time-management skills, particularly the ability to meet deadlines.

  • creativity, disruptive thinking, and ability to ‘think outside the box’.

  • excellent working knowledge of social media channels and how to utilise their features and functions.

About the Company

Medtechly is a comprehensive platform designed by medics with an aim of connecting those passionate about MedTech, and empowering you to get involved in MedTech more easily and quickly than ever before.

We inform you on the latest MedTech news, events and opportunities - all in one place. We particularly want to inspire collaboration on MedTech projects from all professionals, be it medical students and doctors, engineers, computer scientists or business students. 

We are looking for motivated and ambitious individuals to join our team. If you feel like you fit the role description, then please let us know. We would love to chat to you!

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