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  • What is Medtechly?
    Medtechly is a platform designed to meet your MedTech needs, be it opportunities, events or news. It is often hard to find opportunities in MedTech, prompting those who are interested to rely on contacts in the industry or extensive research across multiple sites. Medtechly breaks those barriers and presents to you an original all-in-one platform, supporting your journey to success.
  • How do I get involved?
    Keep up to date with our page where we post regular updates, including MedTech news, events and opportunities. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and receive this information straight to your inbox! Lastly, if you have any other ideas on how to get involved, then contact us on our contact page.
  • Who is Medtechly for?
    Medtechly is for anyone interested in Med Tech! ​ Regardless of your background, be it mathematics, science, medicine, or engineering, you can get involved. We help you learn more about the field, connect with like minded people, and empower you to make your projects bloom.
  • How can I apply for a job?
    You're interested in a position - that's great news! We are always on a look out for motivated and enthusiastic people to join our team. Make sure to apply via the form on the 'Join Medtechly' page. We will review your application and will be back in touch with you if you are successful. We are looking forward to your application!
  • I would like to get involved, but there is no vacancy that I am interested in
    If you have an idea on how to get involved but there is no such position currently available, that is okay! We'd still love to speak to you about ways in which you could get involved. Contact us via the form available at the bottom of the 'Opportunities' page and let us know how you could contribute. We will see if we there is a way for you to join our team!
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