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Learn about how and why Medtechly was created

Our Story

The story of Medtechly started in 2023, when Wiktoria, one of the Co-Founders, was trying to find ways to get involved in MedTech.

Unfortunately, it was not that easy! 

Given lack of an all-in-one MedTech dedicate platform,  finding appropriate events, opportunities or ways to meet people in the field proved to be a challenge. In fact, it took countless web searches to find the right information!

Wiktoria together with Melissa, the other Co-Founder, further explored the ways to get involved in MedTech, realising there is an unmet need for better distribution of MedTech information. 

Needless to say they felt like they needed to do something about this! They wanted to save others the time and effort and bring a community together. 

That's when Medtechly was created.

Medtechly is a comprehensive platform empowering you to get involved in MedTech more easily and quickly than ever before. We inform you on the latest MedTech news, events and opportunities. We streamline your experience, allowing you to connect with experts in the field and take your projects further. 

Currently, we are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our team. We would love to hear from you if you would like to work with us!

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