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These AI-based innovations can revolutionise healthcare

With the healthcare systems in crisis, delivering excellent patient care is more challenging than ever.

AI will revolutionise that.

The most recent developments in the use of AI in medicine will aid in reducing the current healthcare systems pressures, while also simultaneously improving the patient outcomes and the work of the clinicians themselves.

Currently some of these most promising innovations include:

1️⃣ Health monitoring: MedTech devices can alert patients to potential changes to their health, e.g. through smart watches detecting abnormal heart rhythms.

2️⃣ Virtual health assistants: contact with chatbots and human professionals via online platforms could help with preventing and managing common conditions in remote settings.

3️⃣ Electronic health records: AI aided patient data systems will allow clinicians to efficiently create and document patient encounters, search for information and ensure its correctness across documents.

4️⃣ Medical imaging: machine and deep learning can be used to analyse patterns in medical imaging, learn from them and inform on any possible pathologies.

AI is the key to tackling the current healthcare crisis, and the aforementioned innovations will help positively transform the healthcare landscape.

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