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Struggling to find MedTech events, news and opportunities?


Not anymore. We are here to help you.

Your gateway to MedTech

Medtechly brings you an unparalleled range of events, opportunities, and news within the MedTech sector.


We streamline your experience in MedTech, allowing you not only to improve your knowledge but also make meaningful connections with leaders in the field.

We empower you to get involved in MedTech.

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Meet Medtechly

NHS Doctor, London

“This platform is an amazing initiative that will make it much easier for me to get involved in MedTech! "

Upcoming events:

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Immerse yourself:


Attend a variety of MedTech events, including workshops, conferences, seminars and lectures.


Get involved through joining one of the listed projects or vacancies at MedTech start-ups, or joining Medtechly!


Stay up to date with MedTech news through our blog. Make sure to subscribe to never miss a post. 


Connect with experts in the field through our connector page or attending one of our bespoke networking events.

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